Astral Projection, is a myth? 

Many of us heard about Astral Projection, what is this? In Spiritual world it refers as wilful movement of soul from the sleeping body, and which can perform many unimaginable things like traveling, watching, information gathering, observing and so on.

Is it really possible to make wilful movement from the sleeping body? There are any evidence of such an incident?
During British Raj, in India there was a famous Yogi, living. His name was Shyama Charan Lahiri. He was prominent spiritual Guru and famous in all over the world as Lahiri Mahashay.

He was a senior Clarke in a Railway company. One day, his British boss told him that he was very much anxious to know the news about his wife. When he left London for India, then his wife was sick. Shyama Charan, sat on meditation and travelled to his wife using wilful spiritual movement and found her, that she was sailing to India with good health. After meditation, he told his British boss, that his wife was in good health and coming to India. After this incident the boss’s wife arrived to India, and watching Lahiri Mahasaya she told that, saw him before in front of her cabin on ship deck. This is a well-known story among the spiritual world in India.

How this astral projection happens, what ancient text described?
The Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and many other religions believe that, we have two bodies. One is called sthulo Sharir (outer body) and sukkho Sharir (inner body). The person who practices meditation in advance, level can wilfully bring out the sukkho Sharir or tiny body in English from the big or outer body. They can perform the outward movement using nose, top of head, ear or chest and can venture unknown faster than light. During this phenomenon the body gets stuck, type of paralysis taken over. It has been instructed that during this, no one is allowed to touch the meditator. If anyone does, then the person in meditation can collapse or even die.

If any one wants to do this then he or she needs to learn tantra style meditation, which involves imagination, visualization, and maneuvering techniques. Without this sometimes, it happens automatically or accidentally. And without proper knowledge tiny body moves out, and get puzzled. During this period some bad and troubled tiny body can get inside the outer body and disturb the inner system of consciousness. Then he or she performing projection can visualize demon, unimaginable things and this may harm mentally or physically.
It is always recommended that one should learn Tantra style meditation under a Teacher. A teacher can train the proper ways of Astral Projection, without harming body, soul and consciousness.


Time Travel is an Internet hoax? 

Time Travel is possible but not in the physical form. It means you cannot move past or future physically. Because the universe is based on or linked with time, which is if you move to the forward, then you cannot turn backwards. If people able to travel with time, then everything on earth and universe will be corrupted and fall. 

Then why I have mentioned time travel is possible. Yes, it is possible in subconscious stages. Hope you have heard about prophesies and people who able to see future,  as well as past events with accuracy. Once Gautama Buddha told that, nothing is lost in our universe and not even a single vision. What we see is getting recorded in our brain memory section. We termed this as vision clips. Adding few of the vision clips together and form a vision capsule. 
Mankind and all living things in the universe are directly linked or connected with some kind of database, I say a super data server. Which is continuously keeping records of good as well as bad Karmas. Our Pineal gland is basically a trans-receiver, which automatically upload and download information, programs, knowledge and etc. to and from that data server. In many occasions, we like to hide many things, actually nothing is hidden. So, the vision capsules get uploaded and stored in our super data server account. 

Only the enlightened mind, who reaches the peak of awakening, can access these vision capsules from the past and future. They are able to see this in subconscious mind or in dreams or during meditations. Watching future and past events are considered as a celestial quality of God. Only a higher level enlightened Yogi can have it. 

Sometimes these enlightened persons make important prophesies, predict future and past incidents accurately. This is actually called time travel.

Now the big question is, how someone predicts the future incidents, with accuracy?
How it is possible to see something in the future at present time? As we already discussed how vision capsules are stored in super data server.  Time is  moving in a circle is called Time Wheel. So if you put a centre to the circle, subsequently you can draw lines from point to point. If one point is beginning, then another will be the end, and the middle points can be termed as time in between. Sometimes in a circle, you will find two points in parallel position means side by side. Here present and future move parallel to each other, but in opposite directions. If we are able to draw a circular line between two points in the circle, then we can also draw a straight line between two parallel points. 
Check out the example diagram of a time wheel, where you will find a circle with seven blocks, and each block is represented by a number. If you draw a circular line from number 1 to 3, where 1 will be the beginning and 3, the end. 2 denote a time in between 1 & 3.
Look at the picture carefully, and you will find that 1 is positioned in opposite of 4 and 2 seats opposite to 5 & 6, plus slightly opposite to 4 & 7. We are able to draw straight lines between these points across the circle centre. 

Time moves in steady motion, so linking may possible sometimes. The enlightened minds, who reached the highest levels of Awakening, can see through, during the parallel movement of time. They can see it because they are beyond of all earthly feelings, plus their minds able to focus and venture the unknown. 

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What is a God? 

I say, all good souls are God. Look at the word ‘good’, omit one ‘O’ and it becomes God. The alphabet ‘O’ is actually OM means ‘I am’. Now adding up the whole puzzle, what you get? All good souls, who chant OM is God. Amazing isn’t it? 

A good soul is now rare, only the Good soul can chant OM properly and initiate a vibration to the universe within and beyond. He is the God and the creator. 

Know God using the knowledge from him and educate yourself for better lifestyle. (As told by the God)