Origin of Meditation

Exactly when and where meditation or Dhyana was invented is unknown. In India it is being practiced from ancient times. The statues of ancient God Lord Shiva and the Bramha had been found in meditating or Dhyana pose refer it has been originated with Hindu traditions. But, there are lots of contradictions.

Vashistha a Vedic sage is one of the saptarishi credited as chief author of Mandala 7 of Rigveda. He was said to be the first sage of the Vedanta school of Hindu philosophy by Adi Shankara.

There is a Sati pith named Tarapith on banks of Dawarka river in Rampisham,  Birbhum district of West Bengal. It is known for its tantric temple and its adjoining cremation ground where sadhana (tantric rituals for awakening) are performed. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Tara a fearsome tantric aspects of Devi or Shakti.

Sage Vashistha practiced Sadhana to Tara devi, but was unsuccessful, then a devine voice instructed him to learn dhayana or meditation from a Saint in China or Tibet. The Saint train him and instructed him to do Sadhana using Dhyana through practice of Vamachara. It is associated with pancha-makara or pancha-tattva or five Ms. In literal terms they are Madya (wine), Mamsa (meat), Matsya (fish), Mudra (cereal), and Maithuna (sexual intercourse).

So, Dhyana or meditation came from China according to Vashistha story.

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Learning Tantra Meditation Free

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Meditation for business success

How meditation benefits a business owner or entrepreneur?

The benefits are scientifically verified. Mediation increases the neuroplasticity of our brains. Using a functional MRI (fMRI) study it is found that during meditation brain stops processing of information. It also decrease the size of your amygdala, reduce your fight or flight or fridge instinct while stressed, increase the size of your hippocampus, which is responsible for critical thinking and memory and all these things are essential to business success.

Do you know what is the difference between you and the successful business owners?

It is they meditate and you don’t.

Have you ever heard that all successful entrepreneurs meditated?

Steve Jobs meditated. Marc Benioff of Salesforce meditates. Jeff Weiner of LinkedIn, Ray Dalio of Bridgewater Associates, Oprah, Arianna Huffington, Howard Stern… all use meditation to improve their performance.

Now the big question is how to Meditate? There may be hundreds of ways one can meditate, but Tantra Meditation probably the easiest.

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How meditation controls stress? 

Evolution gifted us many qualities, among them the most significant one is known as stress. During stress our heart pounds faster, muscles tighten, blood pressure rises, breath quickens, and our senses become sharper and many body functions like digestion and etc. stops. These physical changes increase our strength & stamina, fast our reaction time, and enhance our focus to either fight or flee from the danger at hand.

Stress is primarily a physical response. when we feel stressed, internally some changes take place. The body thinks it is under attack and switches to ‘fight or flight or freeze’ mode. Sometimes it is internal. When we have unnecessary thoughts, imagination, anger, anxiety, illness, diatery problems and etc. Our body releasing a complex mix of hormones and chemicals such as adrenaline, cortisol and norepinephrine to prepare the body for physical actions. This stress hormones in the long run develop heart disease, diabetes and etc.

Earlier we got no ideas, about how brain functions during meditation. Recent study with the help of new technological instruments researchers made functional MRI scans in short fMRI on a meditating person and, found amazing results.

It has been observed that our brains stop processing information as actively as they normally would.
In Stress reliving meditation, we are focusing to a single object, or vibration and this eliminates other thoughts and information gathered in our brains, make us stress free.

In ‘Joy Tantra Meditation’, exercise is carried on a focus point, which actually blocks incoming thoughts and inward information. This makes the meditation technique an unique mechanism to kill stress instantly.

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