“Basksiddha”, whose words never fail. 

Mystical Power


India is a spiritual land, has stories of many legendary sages, saints, and avatars (demi-god) with mystical powers.

We have identified 13 mystical power of avatars and sages known to mankind. With these miraculous celestial powers, they are treated as parallel to God. Here, we will describe them to you one by one. 

Baksiddha or Baksidh (whose words never fail) 

In different periods of human history, Yogis or Sadhaks or Sages or Avatars (demi-god) performed vigorous Sadhana (meditation) and tantric rituals to satisfy their respective God and Goddesses of worship. On getting pleased with their  prayers, they were granted various super natural and miraculous powers. This powers, only can be comparable to God. Even sometimes a yogi/yogin born with such power, gained in one of his and her previous enlightened birth. After going through a sadhana (meditation) they are able to unlock the power in their respective later birth.   

Basksiddha is a power of words, which never fails. A curse made by them is so powerful, that can destroy even a God, a country even the whole world. Many Indian families have authentic stories of facing such a powerful sad has (yogi/yogin). Their devastating words had destroyed many kingdoms and ruined many families for generations. 

A good word from him or her is as good as a bless, can make poor to King, a fool to be intelligent. Even can change time and space. 

For this reason, Indians always fears the sadhaks and Saints with such mystical powers. They don’t cross their path and make them anger as well. 

Now in Kaliyug, it is a hard job to find out  a true basksiddha with unimaginable power of words. You may find one out of millions. 

What is a God? 

I say, all good souls are God. Look at the word ‘good’, omit one ‘O’ and it becomes God. The alphabet ‘O’ is actually OM means ‘I am’. Now adding up the whole puzzle, what you get? All good souls, who chant OM is God. Amazing isn’t it? 

A good soul is now rare, only the Good soul can chant OM properly and initiate a vibration to the universe within and beyond. He is the God and the creator. 

Know God using the knowledge from him and educate yourself for better lifestyle. (As told by the God)