What is ‘OM’? 

It is an eternal vibration for pinging the Pineal Gland. To know this we have to start from beginning. When few good men tried to know themselves, then they had experienced the eternal light of Awakening. 

They asked the light, who are  you? It replied with a vibration similar to OM. Why it was in vibration? It was because, then there was no language available to mankind.  After the Awakening, they received the knowledge of everything around. From that knowledge they invented alphabets for a language to speak and write. They designed OM in a alphabet, where the dot and half carve denotes the imaginary third eye. 

When a God/Goddesses meditate, then he/she pings the Pineal gland using the imaginary third eye in OM

OM literally means ‘I am’, during the process of Awakening, a meditator achieve self realisation, understanding through this. Then it vibrates in the universe within.  

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What is a God? 

I say, all good souls are God. Look at the word ‘good’, omit one ‘O’ and it becomes God. The alphabet ‘O’ is actually OM means ‘I am’. Now adding up the whole puzzle, what you get? All good souls, who chant OM is God. Amazing isn’t it? 

A good soul is now rare, only the Good soul can chant OM properly and initiate a vibration to the universe within and beyond. He is the God and the creator. 

Know God using the knowledge from him and educate yourself for better lifestyle. (As told by the God)