Waves of happiness!


Waves of joy and happiness, a strongest waves will fall upon you and you are bathing your mind and body with the mystical lights of heaven, poring on you like rain drops. The greatest happiness we can ever imagine. It’s the turning point to Param Bramha, or enlightenment. 

It is the ultimate goal of every sages on earth for centuries. But in one life, not in just one life.  It takes many incarnation through out million of years. 

To begin with you have to be spiritual, where your jivatma will turn to atma, and a thousands years journey to reach the next level called Awakening. Where one see the inner light. There from the hardest and toughest journey began. A twelve incarnation of absorbing knowledge, stored in the Pandora box. In thirteen incarnation he or she turned to a God. 

In the last lap of the journey one will have thirteen mystical Powers of God, known to mankind. 

And,  mystical knowledge of improving and sharpening skills. He becomes the Almighty, God. One in thousand years. 

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