God says: We are heading to a greatest flood 

Prophesy of the Walking God


The walking God, told recently that we are heading towards a greatest flood of ever been seen or told. 

The world is now a unbearable state. People are in the rat race and have lost their mind, character, faith, trust. Greedy people turned into beast and gets hungry for their own blood. 

Good people now the most rarest species on earth. Now many commit sins for their own interests and take a visit to temple /church / mosque for little confession ceremonies. The creator is now fade up with it’s subjects. 

The greatest flood will flash out everything on it’s path. Nothing will be left over. 
The flood wave will be so high that the world’s tallest building will fall short. It will be the end of everything living on earth.  End of mankind and their civilization. 

There will be no escape, you can’t hide or protect yourself. No place will be safe, you can’t hide in hills or tunnel or in any ship. The earth will be a watery planet, and no dry land will be left over. 

A big earthquake under sea floor will open unknown water channels will rise in sea water level, cause this flood. The creator always keeps a backup plan for its job done. 

Even so, there still be an escape.  The walking God is here for this purpose. 

In the next article we will tell you the escape plan of the creator.  

(image taken from search engine) 

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